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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kennedale Downs the Dogs

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? ? ?In a tough stretch drive before the end of the semester, the Wildcats basketball team passed their first test by defeating the 4A?Everman Bulldogs Tuesday night 68-65. It was a game that was expected; one that Kennedale had every chance of losing if they were not on their game.?
? ? ?In the first half, Kennedale stuck to the plan and the Cats lead 42-38 at halftime. But the Bulldogs had played them even in the 2nd period and were ready for the 3rd. It was all Everman after that and they outscored Kennedale 13-5 in the period. It continued into the 4th. {{more}}Kennedale who didn?t miss at the free throw line in the first half could not find the net in the third. Everman was applying the pressure and Kennedale was folding and in their frustration they were fouling. All too quickly Everman was at the free throw line shooing two, while Everman had only 2 fouls. Kennedale had at least three players with 4 fouls and when Jordan Braswell fouled out in frustration Everman was up by 9. The Dogs would stretch the lead to 11 deep into the fourth period.?
? ? ?Basketball is one of those games that changes in seconds and something happened with about four minutes left that left the crowd in a frenzy, the coaches exhausted and the Bulldogs with hanging heads in disbelief. Was it the coaches who were scouting for another team leaving when Everman was up by 11? Was what Coach Groff was telling his team soaking in? Were leaders stepping up on the team? Whatever the reason(s), Everman was the team frustrated. At one point the Bulldogs committed 4 straight turnovers. Kennedale outscored Everman 13-3 in less than 4 minutes and completely dominated Everman. Final score 68-65.

Ty Charles led the Wildcats with 27 points, Aundre Jackson 16, VJ Hughes 11, Kelon Doss 7, Jordan Braswell 3,?Jay Jurchison 2 and Brett Taylor 2.

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