Short Meeting Approves Several Items on City Agenda

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The following items were approved at the monthly city council meeting on ?Thursday, Dec 13.

  • Discussed Council participation in the multi-jurisdictional public education rally at Mansfield ISD in February 2013 that will included representatives from the area. ?
  • Approved awarding the contract and approving financing for 12″ Swiney Hiett water line extension project. The Falconwood Addition historically has water quality issues, which require frequent flushing of hydrants, due mainly to inadequate/improper water line sizing. {{more}}Water flow volume/pressure at hydrants within the subdivision is below standard flow volumes and rates. It was determined that extending the 12″water line on Swiney Hiett to the subdivision would assist in mitigating these issues.?Bids for the project were received on November 06, 2012. A&M Construction and Utilities, Inc. was the?low bidder of eleven bidders with a bid of $81,733.00. The contractor has good qualifications and?references, which were reviewed by TN&P and Public Works Staff. Staff recommended awarding the contract to A&M Construction and Utilities for the bid price of $81,733.00.
  • Approved Master Road Repair Agreement with Carrizo Oil and Gas, Inc
  • Authorized City Manager to execute a contract with Global Water for utility services and capital?improvement financing.
  • Authorized the City Manager to execute a Rabies Control Agreement with the City of Fort Worth. The only major change is a new $50 per animal administrative fee, which will impact the yearly budget by several thousand dollars.
  • Approved naming the new street that connects Mansfield-Cardinal Road to Kennedale Parkway as Meadowview Drive. Throughout the construction process, staff has referred to this street as ‘Alma Lane’ based on a?designation made in the historical plat. However, as the new road is in direct physical alignment with?Meadowview Drive (in the Brookstone Subdivision), staff had recommending that this new road officially be named accordingly. Treating the new road as an extension of Meadowview Drive will allow for increased ease of location description for public safety, residents, and visitors alike..

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