Kennedale ISD to Standardize District-wide Human Resource, Finance and Student Information Systems

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AUSTIN, Texas, May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Prologic Technology Systems, Inc. recently announced the completion of a 5-year contract with Kennedale ISD for their TEAMS? enterprise technology solution.

TEAMS is best known for its single-database design, providing departments throughout the district with immediate, shared access to the most current information and documents. TEAMS will replace Kennedale’s current system and service provider support with a robust, completely automated electronic workflow linking: finance, human resources, time and attendance, student information management, parent and employee self-service portal, scheduling, online enrollment, substitute management, asset management, budgeting, purchasing and online employment applications into a single, easy-to-use solution. {{more}}

“I’m a firm believer that the more you can standardize, the better,” stated Rick Edwards, Associate Superintendent ?Technology Services at Kennedale ISD. Edwards and his team explored solutions from the top three K-12 vendors in their search for a more powerful management system that could deliver district-wide standardization. While all had similar functionality, the district simply couldn’t justify the cost.
“TEAMS offered all the functionality we saw with the other enterprise solutions and then some—at a price that that was surprisingly under what we had been paying for our old system,” concluded Edwards.

KISD Technology Department

(l-r) Mike Noland, Coordinator; Rick Edwards Associate Superintendent; Dustyn Valencia

and Claude Rhoades

Prologic is one of the first K-12 software companies to natively link business operations management with student information for an unprecedented level of oversight and reporting from a single, standardized, district-wide solution. This uniqueness offers users improved speed, performance, flexibility and cost savings compared to traditional software programs.
“Today’s school districts are forced to look for ways to do more with less and many are looking at technology standardization as a way to maximize their IT budgets,” stated Jim Pepper, CEO of Prologic Technology Systems, Inc. Standardization is often essential to improved workflow proficiencies and better end-user experiences. “TEAMS offers districts a streamlined approach to standardization that includes both business and student technologies. And, with our cloud option, districts also get the benefit of a fully managed system, which can free up IT resources to focus on educationally ?driven technology initiatives,” added Pepper.
With TEAMS’ cloud, everything is handled for you with a monthly fee that often is much less than traditional onsite solutions. Managing servers, updates, patches, and break-fixes for end users are a thing of the past with TEAMS. Districts always have the latest software with continuous updates, back-ups, maintenance and end-user support provided by Prologic.
For more information about Prologic Technology Systems Inc. see The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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