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Kennedale Wildcats lifters 3rd at region meet – several move on to state

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Eight KHS weightlifters placed in the recent THSPA Region 6 Division 2 lifting contest held at Kennedale High School on March 11th BC (Before Coronavirus shutdown in 2020). Three advanced to state level competition. {{more: continue …}}
In the boys Region 6 Division 2 results, Farmersville finished on top with 38 points, Gainesville followed with 27 points and Kennedale came in just behind with 26 points.
The rest of the top ten were Decatur, Melissa, Iowa Park, Wichita Falls Hirschi, Anna, Lake Worth and Sanger in a #10. In all, there were 23 schools in the meet.
Kennedale had hopes of placing higher in the meet but three KHS lifters either “bombed out? or were disqualified. One had a personal best earlier in the season that had him ranked at #2 in his class weight in the region and another was ranked #1 in the region in his class based on his personal best.
Wildcat place finishers (Names highlighted in red will advance)?
  • Kenaj Washington finished in 4th in the 114 lbs class with a combined total of 825. (Winning total 890). Personal best 845.
  • Dominic Cunningham placed 4th in the 132Lbs class with a combined total of 905. (Winning total 995) Improved personal best by 5 lbs.
  • Joe Cullum placed 2nd in the 148lbs class with a combined total of 1210 and advances. (Winning total 1275) Personal best this season 1220. This will be his second trip to state.
  • Marlete Joyner place 3rd in the 148lbs class with a combined total of 1185. (Winning total 1460). Personal best this season 1195.
  • Micah Conner placed 2nd in the 165lbs class with a combined total of 1360 and advances. (Winning total 1460). Personal best 1360. This will be his second trip to state.
  • Cameron Hynson placed 3rd in the 165lbs class with a combined total of 1300 and advances. Personal best 1330. This will be his second trip to state.
  • Christopher Washington placed 4th in the 220lbs class with a combined total of 1265 (Winning total 1360). Beat personal best by 5 lbs.
  • Junior Seay placed 3rd in the 275lbs class with a combined total of 1475. (Winning total 1625). Personal best 1510.
Kennedale lifters for 2020 …
Kenaj Washington, Dominic Cunningham, Joe Cullum, Marlete Joyner, Jeree Mills, Travis Neyhart, Spicer Roof, Shane Hull, Micah Conner, Cameron Hynson, Braden Waters, Antoine Martin, Aiden Poe, Anthony Miles, Copeland Hayes, Jordan Price, Christopher Washington, Moises Ibanez, Hunter Hunt, Victor Garcia, Junior Seay, Sawyer Rabalais and Colby Henry.
To qualify for the regional meet, lifters must rank in the top twelve totals for their weight class in each region and in each division. There are three divisions with Division 1 for 5A and 6A schools, Division 2 for 4A schools and Division 3 for 3A and under. Lifters place by using a combination total of three lifts ? squat, bench press and deadlift. Each competitor is allowed three attempts on each lift. The lifter?s best valid attempt on each lift, counts toward his competition total. Lifters failing to achieve a total are eliminated from competition (bomb out/disqualification).
Kennedale Records (State and Region) …?
State Team Championships (3):
  • 2008 and 2009 (Coach Curtis Lowery)
  • 2014 (Coach Bryan Barrett).?

State/Region Individual Record Holders:

  • Justin Lindsey (114 Class) State: Squat-425lbs; Region: Squat ? 435lbs, Bench ? 230, Total 1040 Year – 2017
  • Micah Conner (165 Class) Region: Squat ? 580lbs Year – 2020
  • Leo Brooks (181 Class) Bench – 386lbs Year – 2014
  • TJ Sabando (198 Class) Squat ? 690lbs, Total 1640 Year – 2008

Kennedale Multi-year state title winners:

  • Lance Canter (220lbs) Years – 2005 & 2006
  • TJ Sabando (181 & 198lbs) Years – 2007 & 2008
  • Justin Lindsey (114lbs) Years – 2015 & 2016

Learn more at Texas High School Powerlifting Association

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