Mr. Manzo Inspiration for James Arthur student’s 1st place Impromtu speech

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Libby Beck, a sixth grade student at James A Arthur Intermediate School, recently placed first in Impromptu Speaking at the District U.I.L. Competition.
Libby?s topic, ?Heroes,? was drawn at random. Libby only had a few minutes to collect her thoughts and prepare a speech for a panel of judges. {{more}}
Libby chose Mr. Chris Manzo, a teacher at JAA, who recently passed away from cancer, as her topic.
The following is what Libby said about Mr. Manzo, better known as SuperManzo.
?Bam! Pow! That?s the sound of a Superhero! I know a true superhero. His name was Mr. Manzo, a teacher at my school. He loved Superman so we called him SuperManzo. He died recently from cancer.
Three characteristics that made him a true super hero are he was honorable, a leader, and always there.
First reason on what is a true hero, like SuperManzo, he was always honorable. He always stayed true to his promise, whatever the promise was.
My second reason on what a true hero, like SuperManzo, is that he was a leader. Not only was he a leader, he was the best leader there was! He would take charge, and make me laugh on a gloomy day. He was what you call the cherry on top of a sundae.
My third and final reason on what is a true hero, like SuperManzo, is he was always there! Like Buzz Lightyear would say ‘to infinity and beyond!’ I had a personal experience with that.
One day I was struggling with my work and he came in, no matter if he was in the middle of something. He was there and helped me understand the lesson and we had fun while doing it. See, he is there, ‘infinity and beyond.’
In conclusion, when I think of someone who is honorable, a leader, and always there, the smarter way of saying it is Super-Manzo.
Thank you.?

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