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Pastor Nelda’s Notes: About Mother’s Day …

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?Here are a few facts about Mother’s Day which we will celebrate on Sunday.?
  • Woodrow Wilson officially created Mother’s Day in 1914.?{{more: continue …}}After he was persuaded by activist Anna Jarvis, Woodrow Wilson officially declared that the second Sunday of every May would be Mother’s Day. In his first Mother?s Day proclamation, Wilson stated that the holiday offered a chance to ?publicly express our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.??
  • The most popular Mother’s Day gift is a card. Whether it’s handmade with love, or purchased with her in mind, most of us give Mom a card to mark the day. The second most popular Mother’s Day purchase is flowers, followed by “a special experience.”?
  • There are 85 million mothers in America. At least, that’s according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau estimate. The Pew Research Institute found that today?s moms work more hours outside the home and spend far less time on housework than they did 50 years ago.?
  • Carnations have a special connection with Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day an official holiday, started the practice of wearing a carnation to honor mothers.?
  • The average age for first-time mothers in the U.S. is 26.3 years old. According to the CDC, American women are waiting longer to become mothers.??
The Bible gives us many examples of magnificent mothers. Here are a few I want to share with you.
Mary showed undying love. The account describing the crucifixion of Jesus we have a beautiful picture of a mother?s undying love. The Bible says that when Jesus was taken out to Calvary, and was crucified, even in the midst of the taunting Jews and tough Roman soldiers, Mary stood by Him to the very last. The love and devotion of a true mother never fails.
Hannah exemplified untiring sacrifice. ?Untiring sacrifice? speaks of a mother?s work and toil for the welfare of the family. One of the most expressive pictures of a mother?s care to be found in the Bible, centers around Hannah, the mother of Samuel.
Jochebed had untold influence. Moses was adopted into a pagan Egyptian household, but the Bible says that when ?he was come to years, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh?s daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God. Moses learned the issues at stake at his mother?s knee. The influence of Jochebed on the life of Moses during his early years was so great that all his training in the king?s court could never erase it.

Eunice displayed unfailing faith … When the Apostle Paul was preaching in Lystra he met a wonderful family?a young man named Timothy, his mother Eunice, and his grandmother Lois. A number of years later, Paul reminded Timothy that his faith dwelled first in his grandmother Lois and in his mother Eunice. This does not mean that a child ?inherits? faith. Every individual must make the decision to serve Jesus Christ for himself?but there is a very definite advantage in having a Christian heritage.

The word ?mother? touches a tender cord in the heart of every thoughtful person. The very thought of our mothers carries us back to childhood days. We think of love, and tenderness, and watchful concern?and all this makes us feel like bowing our heads in honor to our mothers.
Truly, we can say ?amen? to the following bit of verse: ?Of all the earthly things God gives, there?s one above all others; it is the precious, priceless gift, of loving, Christian mothers.?
See you on Sunday and I’ll share two others mothers who show how a mother’s love protects and sacrifices for her children.
“I don’t know how, but I know WHO”.

Pastor Nelda

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