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Patterson Book Fair a perfect place to begin

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Yes, there are still books with real pages to turn. Electronic readers have not completely taken over and R.F. Patterson is celebrating with a real live Book Fair October 3rd-7th. {{more:Read more …}}
To be honest, book fairs are held each year across KISD campuses but sometimes with the widespread use of electronic media, it seems holding a book and reading it from cover to cover, page by page is a lost experience.

Study after study continues to show that reading especially during the early years, is one of the best things that children and their parents can do for later academic success. Parents who read a story at bedtime to their pre-schoolers or listen while their elementary student reads a story to them are doing as much to advance their child’s education as many preschool and after school tutoring programs can do. Reading has been cited as the single most important building block to all future learning. See links Reading ?

The Hidden Success Factor, Independent

Reading and School Success, Reflections:

Love of books leads to Academic Success

This year the annual book fair at Patterson Elementary has adopted the title ?Bookaneer? with a theme of pirates. The book fair will take place at R. F. Patterson Elementary from October 3rd-7th.

The daily hours will be from 7:45 a.m. ? 3:45 p.m. It is RFP?s hope that they can accommodate everyone with their before and after school hours. R. F. Patterson?s ?Friends and Family Night? will be Tuesday, October 4th from 5:30 p.m. -7 p.m. Students who would like to dress as a pirate that night (please, no weapons) will receive a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a treasure chest full of new books from the fair! There will be signs on every classroom and office door throughout our campus displaying faculty and staff pirate names. These signs will also be displayed at the book fair, where students and parents can vote on the funniest pirate name and the coolest pirate name.

There will be many new books from Scholastic coming to this fair for all ages, and with the Scholastic Book Fair App, it?s simple to just scan a book and find the reading level, watch a podcast or trailer, and many other helpful tips. There will also be other fun contests for the students as well as a ?YO HO HO Lollipop Pull.?
Patterson Elementary hopes to see a lot of familiar faces and new ones at their ?Friends and Family Night.?

Note: To help year around, a Kennedale or Arlington library card is available (free) at the Green Oaks (Arlington) or theKennedale

Public Library. One card will work at either location. Parents can take their children and let them browse and pick out their own books to read. Another resource are the local church libraries.


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