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On Friday October 12th Kennedale High School had a pink-out day where the students were encouraged to wear pink in participation of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year the Kennedale High School Volleyball team and Cheerleaders sponsor the event to recognize those who have not only survived breast cancer but cancer in general.

Happenings on this day included Cancer Survivors Poster, a ?pink? pep rally and recognition at both volleyball and football games. During the football game this year players wore pink socks, sweat towels, and a breast cancer ribbon on their helmets, to show their support in fighting for the cure. {{more}}The cancer survivors were also allowed to go through the Wildcat tunnel right before kickoff. ?It was good to see the community aware,? says high school teacher and cancer survivor Jeff Samms. ?It was good to have everyone see that you can survive,? he explains as he talks about going through the tunnel.

Cancer affects many people in our community. Many parents, teachers, and students have been influenced by different types of cancer. ?It completely changes your life,? explains Coach Daron Childs also a survivor and high school teacher. ?You reevaluate what?s important in your life.? With all the people affected many teachers at Kennedale High believe that pink out day is important like teacher Sherri Wade who remarks, ?It is so important for our students, parents, and teachers to be aware that it could affect any of us.? Coach Childs observes, ?The more you make people aware the more, the more they feel like they can ask questions.?

This is the second year that Kennedale has done pink-out day and many teachers express that they hope it does continue. Childs places the importance on the students when he answers about student participation, ?I think anytime students can give back to the community or learn to empathize with others the more they?re able to learn about life.?

See more pictures in the photo gallery.

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