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Press Release from Bailey Torcoletti for Place 6 KISD School Board

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To the Proud People of Kennedale

Independent School District,

I, Bailey Torcoletti, am running

for Place 6 on the Kennedale ISD School Board. I come before you with

intentions of making Kennedale an amazing place for the children of the

community, and for all the bright futures that are yet to come.? {{more: continue …}}

Being a part of the Kennedale ISD

school system as a recent student, I know from an inside perspective the

changes, trials, and tribulations that must be addressed to better serve our

community. I am willing to always put the intentions of the kids first and

foremost as I believe this is the best way to successfully uphold the values of

any school district.

Education has always been an

influential part of my life. My mother, along with most females in my family,

served for school districts throughout Texas. Being a child of an educator gave

me huge respect for the system and the careful balance that must be upheld to

have success.? I grew up with that first-hand knowledge and the knowledge that

educators make personal sacrifices every day in the name of the children.


I have no direct ties to any staff member within Kennedale ISD and though I see

this as an asset, I feel that faculty, teachers, and all other employees within

a school district have an impact on children?s lives and because this, if

elected to the school board, I swear to give educators the support and leverage

they deserve when shaping the lives of our futures.

I also believe children are

moldable and impressionable to the things they see and hear. It is for this

main reason that I want better infrastructure provided to Kennedale?s

elementary and middle schools. With the condition of these buildings in

question, I will do everything in my power once elected to make sure that our

young children are in a learning environment that sets a positive and uplifting

idea of education in their heads for years to come.

By making these changes, we

can, in turn, make parents proud of the facilities they are sending their

children which will not just bolster Kennedale ISD but will bolster the

community as a whole.

I know that I have an uphill

climb ahead of me, but I ask that the people of Kennedale ISD put their trust

and backing into me. I will make sure that the only agenda will be the one best

for all children and I will make sure that our great school district can once

again boast excellence in all things.

I will always be open to questions and

comments from the community and whether I know the answers or not, I will work

to figure it out for the betterment of our community. I promise that your vote,

if cast on me, will not go to waste and that it will go towards supporting the

full potential of all children in the district.

?There is no heavy burden, then

unfulfilled potential? – Charles Schultz

If you would like to send

financial contributions or offer support to my campaign feel free to contact me




Put your trust in someone who

cares about the students above all else.

With grateful appreciation,

Bailey Torcoletti

Candidate for KISD School Board

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