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Property Manager Apologizes to Seniors for the Misinformation

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20th, 2020

?Yesterday, Seniors in

the Senior Community, on New Hope Road, received a letter, from their property

management company. The letter stated that the Senior Community had a confirmed

case of COVID 19, within the Retirement Community. {{more: continue… }}Seniors were instructed to

communicate by phone with each other and directed all questions to the

Management email and phone number. This created concern within the community as

Seniors tried to confirm this information outside of the Management Company.

???Several reached out to

Kennedale News, sending a copy of the letter. Kennedale News tried to confirm

with the City of Kennedale, Tarrant County, and the CDC with no results.

Because of the breaking news, the City of Kennedale acted quickly to confirm

with local and federal agencies. They received none.

???Today, Fire Chief James

Brown contacted the family in question and confirmed that there was no

confirmed case of infection. He then spoke with the Management Company to get

to the bottom of the letter, sent to Seniors.

???By 4 pm today, a new letter was delivered, to members of

the Senior Community, apologizing for the alarm.

I want to start by

apologizing for any confusion and undue stress [the letter] has caused all of

our tenants. We were misinformed on the status of a tenant in regards to the

coronavirus. At this time there is NO

CONFIRMED CASE on property.? ? Letter from Management.

???Citizens of the Senior

community have assured to the Kennedale News, that their current management

employees are ?the best they have ever had? and they understand the mistake.

They also are relieved.

???The Kennedale News

applauds the City, the Mayor, and Council, for their swift reaction to the

letter and resolving the situation. We are relieved that it was a false alarm

and everyone is safe.

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