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Things that you didn’t know about holiday shopping

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Browsing and looking for deals before Black Friday? Here is a list of surveys that offers some advice for holiday shopping such as …
Where is the best place to shop on Black Friday? {{more}} Does it matter which credit card I use? What has the best value on Black Friday? Things to look out for on Black Friday that can drive up your cost. Just click on the links to find out more.
  • Books, movies and music will offer the most value on Black Friday 2015 relative to their current prices, while jewelry is expected to be the worst deal.
  • Most consumer credit cards have a number of forgotten-about benefits that can save shoppers a lot of time and money this holiday season, including extended warranties, price protection and rental car insurance.
  • 47% of major-retailer financing offers have a feature called deferred interest that can make holiday purchases up to 27.5-times more expensive than expected if shoppers aren?t careful.

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