Tips From A Teacher-Homework Edition

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Tips from a Teacher

by Maegan (McMahan) Rigby

Homework is a vital component of a child?s education because it extends their learning from school to home. Your child will look to you to set homework routines and expectations. It is important to convey to your child that homework is important and should be considered a top priority during the week. Here are some tips for setting good homework behaviors in your home:

1. Set a homework routine. Pick a set time to do homework (right after school, after dinner, etc.). Try your best to stick to the routine; routines help children feel comfortable and build confidence with homework.

2. Find a quiet place. Have your child complete his/her homework in place that supports concentration and focus. Avoid doing homework while the television is on.

3. Sit with your child during homework. It can be challenging to provide the right amount of support. You can guide your child through homework, but never give him/her the answers because it then becomes pointless. Your child?s teacher will be happy to give you specific advice about how to help your child with homework.

4. Be positive! Your child will model your attitude about homework. If your child sees that you are positive about homework, they are more likely to take on a positive outlook, as well.

5. Follow up with homework. After homework is graded and returned home, look over it with your child. If problems were missed, talk about them.

Remember, homework is important and sets future studying habits. Your child?s teacher is there to guide you to being a fantastic homework buddy! Happy homework-ing!

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