We are prepared for the worst and hope for the best – KPD

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The recent mass shooting in California has everyone thinking about what if ?? Are we prepared? Locally, Kennedale Police Chief Tommy Williams says the KPD is. {{more}}
According to Chief Williams, all the Kennedale PD officers have had active shooter training or what is also called ?alert training” and some multiple times.
This type of training follows protocols that have been established for these types of situations and are used nationwide. Generally, the training involves using a large facility in simulation that assumes there is an active shooter on premise.
Working in teams, the officers learn how to enter and move through a facility to eventually neutralize the shooter or shooters and effect recovery of victims. These exercises use ?simunitions? which are adaptations to real guns that allows the weapons to shoot specialized ammo at a greatly reduced velocity and pressure. This gives the officers the opportunity to train with their own guns in a live fire situation.
need to be prepared for a variety of setting …

KPD Chief Tommy Williams

?One of the last times we trained here [Kennedale], we used one of the schools?, Williams said. ?It doesn?t have to be just a school, it can be a large company, I mean anywhere that may have 50 or 100 or more people. But, there have had active shooters situations where there were only 20 ? 25 people on site. Officers have to be prepared for a variety of setting.?
Williams said that a goal of the KPD is to have instructors on staff. ?I have located a school for instructors in active shooter training that will occur early next year. ?If we get accepted, we will be putting two people of our own through the training so we can do it all in-house.?
hope that you never have to prepare …

It is just something that you hope that you never have to prepare for but if you need it you need it right now and you don?t need to worry about that you didn?t get that training quick enough.”

“I guess you can say we are prepared for the worst and hope for the best,” added Williams
run, hide, fight …
Meanwhile, what to do if you are caught in that situation? The first thing is not to panic if you can and try to be aware of your surrounding. The recommended course of action now is to run away from the shooter as soon as you can. If you can not run, hide – “out of sight out of mind”. And the third option is to fight and fight like your life depended on it with any weapon that you can find.

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