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Why is Arlington Water Department in your yard?

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If you noticed maintenance trucks from the City of Arlington on your street and maybe in your yard, it is legitimate.
If you had not see them, you may yet.?{{more: continue …}}
As the City of Kennedale is making the transition

to a water system operated by Arlington, the Water Utilities Department

for Arlington has been looking at ways to upgrade transmission devices on the existing water meters

for Kennedale.?

testing hardware modifications …?

“Arlington is testing some hardware modifications

to Kennedale?s existing meters. These modifications would enable the meters to

send remote readings to the Arlington advanced metering infrastructure system,” said Traci Peterson, Communications Coordinator for Arlington Water Utilities.

Peterson went on to say “Making sure

that Kennedale?s meters can communicate remotely with Arlington?s system will

be a key step in the customer service transition coming up over the next few


The modification looks like a round flat “medallion” attached

to the top of lid of the below ground meter that acts like an antenna.

Arlington responded in Kennedale’s hour of need …

“Arlington recently finished its second month of reading Kennedale?s water meters manually (with our staff physically reading meters),” according to Peterson. “Arlington then sends those readings to Kennedale so bills can be processed by Munibilling.”

Arlington was not scheduled to take over the reporting

of water usage for individual users until June of this year. That quickly changed last month when the

company responsible for this service abruptly quit and Arlington agreed to assist Kennedale. It was not smooth going the first go around.

Arlington does not want to be in that position

again and is laying the ground work now for a more accurate reporting system ?

their own.??


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