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Woman arguing with passenger crashes into house, shotgun tossed on rooftop

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Last week the Kennedale Police responded to a reported hit and run accident. A caller stated that the driver, a female, hit a home and left the vehicle, running to another nearby home.
Further investigation revealed that the female was actually arguing with a 27 year old male in the vehicle when she started to physically fight. The female was striking the male when she ran into the duplex whose driveway she pulled into. {{more}} The driver was arrested for family violence and placed in the Mansfield jail.
Later in the week, an officer received a report of abandoned/found property. The report stated that a vehicle had been observed pulling up to a structure and throwing an object onto the roof. An investigation revealed the object to be a 12 gauge shotgun in a cloth carrying case. The shotgun was placed into property and evidence pending further investigation.
These and other incidents were part of the weekly police report for February 23, 2014 to March 1, 2014.
  • 2/22 Theft 1500 < 20K; 100 block Joplin Rd
  • 2/24 Aggravated Sexual Assault Child; 100 block Bowles Ct
  • 2/24 Theft 1500 < 20K; 7300 block Batchelor Rd
  • 2/24 Criminal Mischief 50 < 500, Theft 50 < 500; 6300 block Tealpond Dr
  • 2/25 Burglary of Building; 700 block Kennedale Pkwy
  • 2/27 DWI; 700 block Timberline Rd
  • 2/27 Assault by Contact; 700 block Kennedale Pkwy
  • 2/27 Theft 50 < 500; 500 block Averett Rd
  • 2/27 Assault Bodily Injury Family Member; 200 block Pine Meadows
  • 2/28 Abandoned/Found Property; 1200 block Kennedale Pkwy
  • 2/28 Abandoned/Found Property; 5400 block High Ridges Rd

These statistics are based on police reports. They do not include calls where no report was written. Some of the offenses, after further investigation may be deemed unfounded. In other words, this data should not be construed as official statistics.

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