KHS English Students Participate in Riveting Holocaust Presentation By Actual Survivor

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Thanks to the power of technology and a successful long-distance connection, students were able to witness and interact with living history in the KISD Media Center. Through this learning environment a powerful presentation was able to be delivered to our High School 10th grade English students recently, who participated in a discussion from Holocaust survivor, Mr. Jack Cohen. Listening to the compelling story of survival and horror, students learned firsthand about the Holocaust from Mr. Cohen, who lived through this greatest of tragedies. Mr. Cohen’s message of hope and of remembrance is a lesson these students will not ever forget. The Kennedale Independent School District is continually working to provide students with learning environments and with learning opportunities from which they can grow. Thank you to the many individuals who helped to make this presentation a reality for our sophomore English students, and to Mr. Cohen and his daughter, who are taking advantage of audiences among future generations of students who must always know and learn about humanity, in all forms of suffering, hope, tragedy, and triumph.

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