Students Visited By Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Patterson, Building’s Namesake and Bearing Small Gifts

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Students at R.F. Patterson Elementary School had very special visitors earlier this week, our building’s namesake Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Patterson themselves, who deeply desired the opportunity to drop by the building and interact with our student body. Escorted from classroom to classroom by Mrs. Kristi Patterson-Murrell showed her father and stepmother around the building, and who helped distribute a Patterson pencil. Throughout the holiday season, the R.F. Patterson school family, along with everyone in the Kennedale Independent School District welcomes holiday cheer and seasonal spirit from members of our community, particularly those of such meaning to our schools as the Patterson’s. Thank you very much for the visit to our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson. Season’s greeting to all during this joyous time of the year!

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