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KISD Teacher Spotlight – Mr. John Bowles at KHS

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Posted by Kennedale Curriculum & Student Services (November 18, 2020)

We could not be more thankful and grateful for the amazing teachers of Kennedale ISD. We are posting extra teacher spotlights to showcase the incredible hard work and dedication of our teachers.

Today we are excited to spotlight someone from our Kennedale Career & Technical Education department and Kennedale High School – Chef John Bolles! Chef Bolles is celebrating his 20th year of education and is in his second year with us in Kennedale ISD.

Chef Bolles teaches Culinary Arts in the CTE department, one of the newest offerings in the program. He has taken this program to new heights with his incredible work with the students.

Chef Bolles and his students are often found catering to various events around the district, showing their skillset and providing a wonderful service.

We asked Chef Bolles what he enjoys most about working with his students …

“I love to see students who struggle in academic areas shine when they get a knife or a pan in their hands. So many of the same things that can make it difficult for a student to have academic success (Fending for themselves because parents work two jobs, helping raise brothers and sisters while parents work, having a hard time sitting still, etc.) contribute to success in a Culinary Arts class.”

Chef Bolles was nominated by a co-worker who shared …

“Chef Bolles passion for cooking and teaching shine through the work he does daily both in his classroom and as food service projects around the school. He is consistently providing his students with high-quality, industry-relevant experiences in the kitchen and fostering their curiosity and passion for careers in the hospitality industry. In year two of the Culinary Arts program, Chef Bolles has created a student-run kitchen capable of providing a variety of foodservice experiences to the KISD community.”

We couldn’t agree more and Chef Bolles’ work speaks for itself! Chef Bolles says …

“My wife says that I am living my best life in Kennedale. I would completely agree. I say with absolute conviction that I have the best job, the best students, and the best colleagues in DFW. You are all amazing and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with each of you. Working with the amazing teachers and administrators in this district has been wonderful even with the Covid-19 craziness. The kids and staff at KHS make it easy to do great things in Culinary Arts and I am humbled to be recognized for the privilege of working with them.”

We just cannot get enough of Chef Bolles radiant positivity. Teachers like Chef Bolles are what makes Kennedale ISD the best place to be! We are honored to have Chef Bolles in our Wildcat Family!

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