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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Summer no slow down for KISD Trustees

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Of course, the biggest decision of the summer was how and when school would re-open. The controversial plan was approved that school would begin online August 26, 2020, and four weeks later on September 28, 2020, in class or in-person instruction starts as an option.

For those who were not directly affected, this was a wise and cautious decision, allowing the Kennedale district time to learn from others who have started earlier. Agree or not the school will open next week on Wednesday for all – online.

There were other actions taken, starting in May, including the following.

Interlocal agreement to purchase hotspots …

Approval was given for Operation Connectivity Interlocal Acquisition Agreement which will be entered upon between Region 4 and Kennedale ISD for purchasing and contract purposes of devices and hotspots.

The program’s purpose is to support Texas LEA purchases of eLearning devices and home internet solutions to enable remote learning for our students. In order to be eligible, this program requires local LEAs to match funds with the state.

This purchase will include 500 touchscreen Chromebook devices to serve our
Prek – 1st-grade students and 50 hotspot devices. The districts fiscal contribution
is $63,750.00, with the state funding a match of $63,750.00

New roofs on multiple buildings …

As part of the action taken by the Board in April, a roofing contract for three projects was approved for K Post Company with a base bid of $2,983,772.00.

Roofing repairs/replacements were undertaken at the Curriculum & Instructional Administration building, the adjoining gym [these two structures remain the oldest buildings in KISD], James F. Delaney Elementary and James A. Arthur Intermediate campus.

The school board also received a bid from All-American Exterior Specialist, Inc. for $3,475,554.00.

All projects are in the final stages if not fully completed.

Campus security enhancement with door cameras and more …

In June, the Board discussed and approved of purchasing a door access control and camera system. The system will provide secure card reader access and paired cameras
to primary access doors (48) at 15 buildings. Coverage will include the main building
at each campus, the PAC, the Media Center, all field houses, the press box at
Wildcat Stadium and other ancillary buildings. The system is programmable and
cloud-based with remote access capability.

Michael’s Key Locksmith at $187,585.46 was awarded the job. Full Circle Technologies also submitted a bid of $196,323.00.

Twenty-three new heating and air roof top units …

The Board approved a contract with Enviromatic Services for the replacement of HVAC units at the Curriculum & Instructional Administration building and James Arthur Intermediate for a cost of $205,437.00 for replacement of 23 rooftop units

Appraisal Roll Information Valuation Summary – April 28, 2020 …

The figures presented to the Board were for information only. The figures were tentative and subject to change (downward) due to activities yet to completed including appeals and special exemption processing per the Tarrant County Appraisal District.

  • Appraised Value … $2,090,827,579.00,
  • Number of Accounts … 51,486,
  • Current Net Taxable Value after current approved exemptions … $1,771,647,733.00

KISD realizes the most tax revenue in the following order.

  • Residential real estate with has an estimated taxable value of $1,363,760,969 followed by
  • Commercial real estate … $305,183,321.00,
  • Commercial personal property … $73,936,914.00,
  • Industrial real estate … $14,293,955.00,
  • Industrial personal property … $7,279,767.00,
  • Mineral Lease properties … $7,058,136.00,
  • Agricultural properties … $134,671.00

Exemptions full and partial include:

  • Public (federal, state and local land and buildings),
  • charitable,
  • religious & private schools,
  • disabled veteran (ranging from full to 10%),
  • the surviving spouse of 100% disabled vet,
  • homestead exemptions from state and local – general,
  • homestead state & local exemptions for over 65,
  • homestead state & local exemptions for disabled,
  • solar & wind-powered devices,
  • miscellaneous personal property (i.e. vehicles, etc)

Source: https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicAgenda.aspx?ak=220914&mk=50375950

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