Press Release by Incoming KISD Trustee Maria Alexandra Cruz-Perez

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April 14, 2022

Press Release for Incoming KISD Trustee Maria Alexandra Cruz-Perez

Kennedale, Texas— April 14, 2022My name is Maria Cruz-Perez, I am running for Kennedale ISD School Board Place 4. I am a wife and mother of five, my youngest two attend James F. Delaney. In 2017 my life changed in a matter of hours. We were living in Puerto Rico, where we are originally from when Hurricane Maria hit and turned our lives upside down. My family and I lost everything. My husband and I decided that leaving our home in Puerto Rico and moving to Texas to rebuild was our best option. We had lifelong friends who already lived in Texas, and they offered to help us get back on our feet. It has now been almost five years since that fateful move, and I cannot imagine our lives any other way now. The people of Kennedale (not just our friends) opened their arms wide open to us and it felt like home soon after. We had been here less than a year when the position of PTO secretary at Delaney came open. I took it and loved it so much that when the position of PTO president came available, I was ready to take it. Serving our teachers and students through the PTO has been a truly fulfilling experience.

Professionally, I am an English/Spanish interpreter. I work primarily in international conferences and immigration courts. As an interpreter, I am licensed in the state of Texas as a court interpreter, I specialize in immigration court and educational and medical conferences. I went to college in Puerto Rico for a Multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Education, Foreign Languages, and Justice Systems. At the time, my long-term goal was to run for the Puerto Rican Legislature with the purpose of improving our public education system, but life had other plans for me. In 2002 I joined the US Army as a linguist, unfortunately, I was hurt and medically discharged. In Puerto Rico, I worked in the entertainment and music industry for 7 years until I started working as an interpreter, which I have been doing for the past 15 years.

Education and children hold a special place in my heart, and I am honored to know that my dream of being able to work to improve children’s education is coming true in my new home. My passion for education stems from my personal experience as a student. I was that student that struggled in school with learning disabilities that many thought would not get anywhere, but all it took was a group of educators and administrators that believed in me and that all children deserve to have a positive educational experience to succeed in life. Therefore, I decided to run for our School Board to ensure that children have the same experience I did, teachers and administrators that believe in them and are willing to work with them to help them succeed. I am looking forward to serving our district over the next three years.


Goals as KISD Board Member

Increase and improve community and family engagement.

Serve my community by working to improve student achievement in our district.

Fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Work together with fellow Trustees to ensure policies and procedures are aligned with our district’s needs and expectations.

“Commitment to Excellence”

Community Involvement (Past & Present)

James F Delaney Parent Teacher Organization – President

James F Delaney Parent Teacher Organization – Secretary

Kennedale’s Diamond Jubilee Organization Committee- Member

Site-Based Decision Making Committee – James F. Delaney

Districtwide Education Improvement Council- KISD

Language Proficiency Assessment Committee- James F Delaney

National Language Services Corps (NLSC) – member

Catechism and Sacramental Prep Teacher

Licensed Court Interpreter- Texas


Contact Information

[email protected]




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