A Time to Remember

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Lakes, picnics, cookouts, sales at the malls, DIY projects around the home…What do any of these things have to do with the real reason behind Memorial Day? Yes they are all a fun time with family and friends to celebrate this holiday, but have you stopped to think what a “Meaningful Memorial Day” could be?
After spending Saturday and Sunday celebrating with family and friends, you are invited to Kennedale High School for an annual Memorial Day Remembrance -May 30 at 11:00 am.

Gathering around the Memorial Marker that welcomes all to the front doors of the High School, KHS Alumni, and Kennedalians pay tribute to KHS fallen heroes, Mike Rivers and David Helm.
Many Vietnam Vets from KHS will be present for this short ceremony.

This service is officiated by Kennedale Alumni Association present Melvin Cooper and his brother Kenneth.

This year, Kennedale resident, KHS Alumni, long time Kennedale business owner and former City Councilman, Wayne Winters will speak.

Mr. Oktay, KHS Wildcat Band Director has taken a special interest in providing Kennedale students to create a very moving moment to this service.
Isabella Hughes excepted the opportunity to sing the national anthem, also taking part will be two trumpet players, Nina Garza and Tristan Lehew. They will also be there to play taps as these two fallen KHS heroes are remembered.

This annual event is hosted by the Kennedale Alumni.

*Please bring a chair and plan to attend.

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