Yesterday’s High Winds Turns Peaceful Paradise into Dangerous High Wire Act!


Things started out as a usual Spring day at Stegall’s Nursery and Plant Farm yesterday. The Sun was shinning, the breeze was warm and the customers were shopping happily.

Trish Stegall reports the harrowing experience, “The wind ripped the plastic roof off 1/2 the greenhouse at lunchtime! It was all hands on deck in a 40 mph wind to put the shade cloth on to hold the remaining plastic on. Everyone is exhausted and worn to a frazzle. It’s a very dangerous job putting on the plastic or shade cloth on a good weather day. This was mission impossible, almost. It was very treacherous. Everyone went above and beyond to get it done. We are not sure it will hold in more high winds to come. We look at it as just another bump in the road.”

Jim Stegall shown walking the gutters to pull the shade cloth over the greenhouse.

When asked about the days events, Tonya Stegall states, “Well today was the day I faced my fear of heights. Wind gusts so heavy it ripped the plastic roof in house 3 today around 12:30. So I walked the thin slippery gutter for the first time EVER and pulled the shade cloth on. What a task it was, not to mention it was in a good 40-50 mph winds and leaning on the metal bars to hold yourself up! The wind was so strong and was pulling us as we were trying to hold on to the shade cloth. I was almost in the center! Dad said, “Tonya you might just stay there.”  He knew how nervous I was to try to walk back out. I was so scared with dad being up there. He is almost 80 years old you know. But he doesn’t realize that! He was up that ladder in the blink of an eye!”

No direct quote from Jim Stegall was available, but if you know Jim, you have heard him say around this time of the year, “Hey, you just never know what Mother Nature has in store for you! One day is below freezing, next it’s 90 degrees. It’s just all part of living in Texas!”

Trish Stegall wants you all to know, “We’re still standing and know that it is the result of all the prayers and words of support from our customers/friends. The week we were closed after the freezing weather, was filled with long, hard days of endless work. But, each day was also filled with miracle after miracle.  God is always good and continues to bless us and our nursery.  Thank you from our hearts for each and every one of you taking the time to think of us and support us with your prayers. We are very blessed.  Jim, Trish, Tonya, Roo, Raisin and Ladybug.”

Stegall’s Nursery and Plant Farm is a favorite of Kennedalians! They make you feel like one of the family! If you have not visited there, check them out soon. Just remember they are just a bit behind after loosing lots of their Spring Flowers that would have been ready for sale now. Please give them your business to help them over this rough patch!

Stegall’s is located just off Kennedale Dick Price Rd. at 5652 Wilson Rd. Ft. Worth, 76140 Presently they are open Monday – Friday 8:30 – 3:00 pm Starting April 3rd – Monday – Saturday 8:30 – 5:00 pm Sunday 8:30 – 3:00 pm through May 21, 2021

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