The Kennedale Wildcat Baseball team has had a good two weeks on the bases winning six games by crossing home 75 times and allowing opponents only 11 trips.

To be honest, the Venus games are too lopsided to be considered. However, even without Venus, the tally remains 29 -11 for the other four wins. Any coach would love that ratio.

The Wildcats won home and away games against district opponents Venus (29-0, 17-0) and Alvarado (9-3, 7-5). In two non-district games, the Cats beat the Brownsboro Bears 5-1 and the Krum Bobcats 8-2.

Kennedale is now 4-0 in District 10-4A but the Godley Wildcats (20-1-1, 4-0) still remain the team to beat in district play.

First, the Kennedale Cats have to play Hillsboro in home and away games this week on Tuesday and Friday. Hillsboro is currently 9-7, 2-2 having lost two against Godley (10-0, 11-1) but winning twice against Venus (10-1, 9-3).

Godley versus Kennedale will come next week 4/11 and 4/14. So far, Godley, in district play as mentioned previously, swept Hillsboro but also Life Waxahachie (10-10, 2-2-) by scores of 4-3 & 6-4.