Despite the loss in the state simifinals, this group has pushed KHS volleyball to heights never seen before

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KHS Volleyball joins the list of KHS major extra-curricular activities that have made it to the top levels of state sports competition.

Tuesday evening closed the door on the Lady Kats’ bid for a state title in the loss to the #2 Decatur 3-0, but it was a record-setting event two times over. Last year, with almost the identical team, KHS Volleyball entered the pantheon (a group of illustrious or notable persons or things) of KHS major sports that have been part of a state final four-game.

A little history …

Kennedale has come very close more than once. The girls’ softball** program lost a championship game in 2003. The girls’ basketball program lost two championship games in 2008 and 2013. Girls’ track* finished second in 2003, third in 2013 and fourth in 2014 and 2016. Boys track* finished 4th in 2009 and 3rd in 2013. The boys’ basketball team* also made the state final four in 2014. And, the Wildcat football program made the final four in 2017 while making it to the state finals. (Sports with one asterisk have earned a state title, those with two asterisks have won two titles. Two other programs not listed above have earned state title – girls’ soccer** and boys’ baseball.* And, boys’ powerlifting, a non-UIL sport, has won three state titles).

Volleyball was long overdue …

Don’t get it wrong, there have been many good volleyball teams in the past and a number of those should have gone further. This team built on the success of others and added #7 to the consecutive district championship and entered the playoffs for the 14th straight year.

It was the last two teams, though, that through a combination of talent, skill, leadership, and perseverance that was the first to make it to the “Final Four” first and then again. This will be the future goal for KHS volleyball teams from here on out, break the record set by the 2019-20 and the 2020-21 teams.

This year’s team finished 24-4, 4-0 as District 10-4A Champions as well as Bi-District, Area, Regional Quarterfinal, Regional Semifinal and Region Champions, and a Texas State 4A Semifinalist.

Team members …

  • Seniors: Bryley Steinhilber, Katherine Spell, Tatum Pavey, Cassidie Carruthers, Angel Mahjoub, Kayla Daniel, Mikayla Earle
  • Juniors: Madeline Pyles, Bridget Barton, Amaya Constantino, Casey Guerry, Gracyn Reed, Taylor Poore, Avery Petters 
  • Sophomores: Alexandria Youngblood, True Johnson

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