Jones Races in Tulsa’s 2021 Chili Bowl

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Kennedale Graduate, Kyle Jones will once again be joining Trifecta Motorsports for a 2021 Run at the coveted Golden Driller Trophy!
You read that right. This week long battle royale of sorts pits the most talented drivers from around the world against each other for the chance at a Trophy…

Two weeks after Christmas, the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals arrives like a gift from Santa Claus. In the Oklahoma metropolis of Tulsa, “Santa” is Emmett Hahn and Lanny Edwards, organizers of the four-night race meet since its 1987 inception.

The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals…

Initially sponsored by the Chili Bowl food company of Bob Berryhill, these Nationals are known simply as The Chili Bowl: racing’s winter answer to football’s Super Bowl.

It accommodates over two hundred race rigs, bleachers for thousands of people and an ever-growing trade show. To stroll the aisles of Tulsa’s River Spirit Expo Center, the home of The Golden Driller, is to rub shoulders with champions from across America.

The presence of Sprint talent such as five-time Chili Bowl winner Sammy Swindell is what elevates Midget competition to a level unmatched.

The Chili Bowl’s key ingredient is the clay which once covered the adjacent fairgrounds. Without sun or wind to harm it, the indoor garden (roughly a quarter-mile circle) is heavily saturated so that the boldest dirt track artists of our time can truly shine. The benchmark came in 1994 when the Jones brothers, P.J. and Page, went three-abreast for the lead with eventual winner Andy Hillenburg, a hometown hero from Broken Arrow who commands the loudest fan reaction.

It is this action which fills every corner for 55 laps that keeps people coming back. When more than 15,000 spectators walk out the door on the fifth and final night, they are so amazed at what they have seen that they cannot wait to return.

The 2021 Lucas Oil Nationals Chili Bowl held at The Tulsa Expo Center is one of the most expensive and most grueling races the sport has to offer and will highlight NASCAR Drivers including Kyle Larson.
2020 Monster Cup Energy Champion, Chase Elliott is on hand and even Ryan Newman has put his hat in the ring all for a chance at a Golden Driller Award.

Kyle Jones is no underdog in the world of Sprint Car Racing and has seen his share of opportunity with some of the biggest names and teams in the industry.

Tonight’s “Night 2 Qualifier” airs on and begins at 6pm CST

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