Arthur Students Explore Science, People and History

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Information for this article obtained from James A Arthur Monthly Newsletter for December?
Students at James Arthur explored a variety of topics in October and November.

Mrs. Ridgway?s fifth grade science classes brought in the fall season with pumpkin science. Students did activities with the pumpkins generously donated by a local pumpkin patch. Students used the Scientific Method to perform experiments with the pumpkins and even got to taste the fruits of their labor at the end of the week with roasted pumpkin seeds.
Students in the Farid, Howard, and Patterson POD constructed social studies projects and composed reports from research they conducted on ancient Egypt. They applied the knowledge learned during language arts on the research process for this assignment.?Projects are on display in the library so please take time to view their amazing work.
As part of a lesson about tolerance of and kindness to everyone, Ms. Harwell?s social studies students?{{more}}discussed ways to discourage bullying. Learning to be empathetic toward others, volunteers tried walking in shoes other than their own. As they?stumbled around in the midst of classmates? laughter, they described how that made them better understand the awkwardness and pain that someone else might be experiencing.

Mrs. Stevens? 6th grade science students recently studied about changes in phases of matter. The students observed matter changing form from solid to liquid, liquid to gas, and gas back to liquid. However, their favorite change in phase was sublimation, as they watched dry ice (frozen CO2 gas) change directly from a solid to a gas! They also discovered that dry ice has other interesting qualities that make it unlike most substances that are familiar to them.

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