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William Gould was the IMCA Modified feature winner at Kennedale Speedway Park

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By Don Cook,?Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Kennedale Speedway Park
June 29 (Saturday)
William Gould, No.60, picked up another IMCA Modified feature win at Kennedale Speedway Park Saturday night. Kevin Sustair, No. 71k, came in second, Jay Bransom, No. 29, was third, Steve Rutherford, No. 95, was fourth and John Gober, No. 52, rounded out the top five. There were over 160 race cars in the pits. Eighteen IMCA Modifieds started the feature. {{more}}
RaceSaver Sprint Winner: Jason Howell, No. 44, returned to the winners circle. Chase Brewer, No. 99, was second, Justin Fifiel, No. 49, was third, Payton Pierce, No. 18p, was fourth and Colby Estes, No. 71, was fifth.

IMCA SportMod Winner: Jake UpChurch, No. 24, was the winner. Dean Abbey, No. 26, was second, Kevin Rutherford, No. 9, was third, Kyle Lovejoy, No. 41, was fourth and Jeffry Abbey, No. 37, was fifth.

Street Stock Winner: Ryan Powers, No. r12, was the feature winner. Justin Lamar, No. 121, was second, Austin Carter, No. 441, was third, Gary Nabors, No. 95, was fourth and Jake UpChurch, No. 24, was fifth.

Factory Stock Winner: J.D. Milliron, No. 29, was the feature winner. Daniel Payne, No. 99, was second, Jarrod Murray, No. 01, was third, Justin Baker, No. 8, was fourth and Frank Lackey, No. 41, was fifth.

600 A-class Mini Sprint Winner: Blake Dewberry, No. 29d, was the feature winner. Tyson Hall, No. 33, was second, Travis Harris, No. 55, was third, Jake Lucas, No. 571, was fourth and John Roan, No. 16, was fifth.
600 Restrictor Mini Sprint Winner: Weston Gorham, No. 71, was the feature winner. Trevor Goad, No. 4t, was second, Dylan Ramey, No. 7d, was third, Karter Battarbee, No. 10, was fourth and Chris Larson, No. 2L, was fifth.

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