One year down, Three more to go

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Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to be writing again, I did take a break cause high school was a little shock to the system for me, thankfully I made it through the first year all in one piece! This year I was able to have some pretty awesome opportunities and with that being said there are some people I need to thank. Mr. Cagle,  you have such a devotion to the school and are always there to listen to my.. Complaints.. Sorry about that haha.. But thank you for your patience and willingness to take my words and concerns into consideration. For those reading this and don’t know, Mr. Cagle knows all the students in the school by name along with their interests and classes. He cares about their mental health and home life, which isn’t always that common in the typical education system. 

Mr. Hyde, thank you for  giving me the chance to be student of the year. Sometimes I’m so stressed and overwhelmed with everything I’m doing and it feels like no one is even noticing. During the award ceremony you gave the most considerate speech about me along with a well wanted award: Freshman of The Year. I haven’t had the chance to build my relationship with you as much as I have Mr. Cagle, but your works don’t go unnoticed and it’s nice seeing yet again another individual who pours their heart out at Kennedale ISD.

Finally, Mr. Oktay. I never wanted to join band and somehow ended up being talked into it. Every time I walk in the band hall I’m so thankful that I made the decision to be part of the band. I have had the absolute best time of my life in band and Mr. Oktay is the most dedicated band director ever! It is truly inspiring to see someone who gives almost all their summer, a lot of their weekends, and most of their evenings in the school year to be with kids. Mr. Oktay is the pure definition of a hard worker and is the type of person that a 15 year old would look up to and think, “When I grow up, I want to be like them.” I have so much respect for Mr. Oktay cause sometimes one would think to themselves “ Wow can we quit? We have been at this for hours now!” Well Mr. Oktay has been at it for years. Thank You so much Mr. Oktay for making the Wildcat Band the Wildcat Band! 

Some of you may be aware of me doing Drill Team this past year, this year i’m so excited to announce that I have honorably been given a position of leadership in Drill Team: Social Officer. I look forward to help make our Drill Team even better than what it is. Thank you Coach B and Coach Christopher for trusting me with this title. With that being said I am going to inform you all that there is a current fundraiser going on. Everyone knows that Kennedale is good at almost everything it does, but that is with the help of the community. So I will attach a link for those interested in helping us achieve our goal.


 For businesses looking to sponsor us/ our games in exchange for publicity of your business 

email: [email protected]

Thank You so much for reading this article, expect more coming soon! Bye!

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