Faith in God is all we need!


Undoubtedly, we are in trying times. The events of these past days and years are alarming ranging from kidnappings, senseless killings, earthquakes, and the floods in Belgium, Germany, Nigeria, and the USA to the increasing numbers of people testing positive for the Delta variant of the Corona Virus. It was reported that those who were vaccinated tested positive as well. This new variant is spreading fast and one is tempted to ask,  “Who is immune?“ 

The world is in a chaos with crises everywhere. Nations are fighting nations, and people within nations are killing one another. What has become of the human race? I am convinced that faith in God is important in these trying times to see us through. 

Psalm 91 is one of the psalms that reassures us of our safety in God. He is our only hope for safety, healing, provision and protection. The psalm wonderfully written to reassure anyone faced with threats to life and property. I will encourage you to read this psalm, and give it to someone you know who is going through a hard time, and needs encouragement. I am confident that it will encourage and comfort you or anyone else. 

There were debates about the who the true author is. Many traditional Jews believe Moses authored this psalm having spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness running from his sin, and later became the leader of God’s people coming out of Egypt. His faith in God is believed to have carried him through all of life’s dangers and fears during his journey. However, some scholars believe King David was a probable author best fitted by his style of writing. Regardless of who the author is, this psalm remains one of my favorites and you will find out why. 

God is identified as the Shelter, Protector, Deliverer, and Healer to those who trust Him. In  this psalm, you will find the author’s faith in God became his strength, confidence, hope, refuge and safety. In verse 2, he unashamedly declared that God is his ONLY refuge, and place of safety; and in Him (God) alone he trusts. Wow, that is so profound! No other person but God alone! This is a stand many fear to take nowadays. Many Christians want to be politically correct in their statements but not this author. I believe we can make this declaration as well. It is a personal determination that we must make to put all our eggs in God’s one basket – Jesus Christ. 

Faith in Christ is same as faith in God for they are  One; and this faith is same as we trust the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to perform wonders in our lives. This is the mystery of faith. Faith is the currency of Heaven to trade or walk with God. The Bible in Hebrews 11:6 says, “But without faith [it is] impossible to please [Him,] for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and [that] He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” The only way to please God is by having faith in His son Jesus Christ. Other two things to note from that scripture are – 

  1. “God is” – His person remains same. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. He does not change like weather changes. He is constant in nature, character and action. This is a sure foundation to build on. Yes, a secured place to rest and have undisturbed peace. 
  2. He is a Rewarder – God rewards our faith by granting answers to our prayers, and fulfilling the promises He made. Do you know God wants to reward you? Will you dare to believe Him?

Considering these three factors from Hebrews 11:6, what issues of life could be threatening your existence and right to a peaceful living? Or, what things are bothering you, and causing you to worry? Are you sick, or is a loved one sick? Faith in God will give you strength, hope, comfort, and encouragement in the midst of crises. The outcome of situations may at times not be what is expected but faith in God offers hope, love and joy to overcome any form of discouragement. I urge you to not be afraid but have faith in God that He will cause all things to work together for your good in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:28). Amen!

The times we are in have been before. It is not new to God though it is to us living. The ones before us overcame by faith in God just as we are encouraged to do today. One of my favorite hymns of faith  is “Have Faith in God” and permit me to share the little I know about the hymn. This hymn was written during a revival meeting in Muskogee, OK, in 1934. The nation of America was in a time of hardship, severe economic depression and uncertainty. People were anxious and worried. The author of the hymn, B. B. McKinney wrote this hymn to encourage, reassure, and challenge people to trust God. He wrote close to 500 songs but the words of this hymn are comforting and reminds us of the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:25-34 to have faith in God, and not worry. I invite you to sing this hymn of faith, assurance, hope, love and strength with me. Invite your family members, friends and colleagues to sing it. Let us sing it till it syncs in to our hears. Sing it and let the lyrics be heard all across our nation that we will stand and overcome this crises by faith in God. 

Remember Revelation 12:11 (NKJV) “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Meaning we overcome Satan and the many challenges of life by the blood of Jesus (Lamb of God), and by the words of our testimony. So, what is your testimony of faith? Let’s sing the hymn together…

Have faith in God when your pathway is lonely. He sees and knows all the way you have trod; Never alone are the least of His children; Have faith in God, have faith in God.

Have faith in God when your prayers are unanswered, Your earnest plea He will never forget; Wait on the Lord, trust His Word and be patient, Have faith in God. He’ll answer yet.

Have faith in God in your pain and your sorrow, His heart is touched with your grief and despair; Cast all your cares and your burdens upon Him, And leave them there, oh, leave them there.

Have faith in God though all else fail about you; Have faith in God, He provides for His own: He cannot fail though all kingdoms shall perish. He rules. He reigns upon His throne.


Have faith in God, He’s on His throne, Have faith in God, He watches over His own; 

He cannot fail, He must prevail,

Have faith in God, Have faith in God.


May the God of faith grant faith to the faithless; strength to the weak; encourage the discouraged;  grant hope to the hopeless; healing to the sick and deliverance to the captives. 

May our faith in God overcome every challenges that rises against us. 

May God’s peace be ever present in us and in our lands. Amen 🙏