Kennedale ISD Seeks Public Opinion on Upcoming Changes To Our Schools

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Kennedale ISD has been discussing the future of Kennedale Education. The Kennedale ISD is facing an influx of growth in the area, as well as, the mandate from Texas to provide all-day Pre-school and must make decisions for the future of Kennedale. This has led to a discussion of creating an early child development center and the abundant task to provide space for the additional students. The KISD has held several public forums to gain input from the public on the approach to the situation. “Instead of building infrastructure,” Superintendant Chad Gee stated, “…we are better utilizing our space.”

Currently, there are two options before the school board after 4 public meetings with stakeholders. What we do know is that the 6th grader will now be at the Jr. High. Pre-k through 1st will be at Arthur. Where the public is split is what to do with 2nd through 5th. Option 3 (see attached documents) has 2nd – 3rd at one elementary and 4th-5th at the other. Option 5 has both 2nd -5th going to both schools and keeping the dividing line as it stands. The Kennedale ISD is seeking public comment in their final meeting, Monday, July 26th, at 6:30, at the Jr High Cafeteria. You can also take a survey Here:

We also did a SPECIAL REPORT interview concerning this topic on our YouTube Channel, You can find that video here:

Below is the attached documents:

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