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Freshman Emma Easley Defies Odds, Determined for Bulls-Eyes on Archery Team

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Becoming proficient in the sport and skill of archery requires practice, hard work, dedication and focus. For Kennedale High School Freshman Emma Easley, she has mastered these traits along with overcoming a significant challenge as well, by being born with one arm, and learning to succeed in archery by shooting one-handed. With the help of a prosthetic, a stand, and a custom base constructed by KISD past Board of Education member, and longtime volunteer Joe Taylor, Emma has become a routine bulls-eye in recent weeks. Emma demonstrates perseverance and determination in this craft, which is no small feat, since the KHS Archery program has been consistently ranked in the Top 5 or 10 programs in the entire state during the past several years. Congratulations to Emma Easley for demonstrating the courage to succeed.

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