Press Release from James Connor City Council Place 5

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Citizens of Kennedale,
As many of you now know George Campbell is not the City Manager anymore. On 7/22/2021 the City Council adopted the Final Resolution to let him go. Many of you have asked what has he done for this kind of action to take place.

There were several issues that unfortunately, I can not discuss due to Executive Session rules and also wording in the final resolution that prohibits me, as an agent of the city, from imparting with those reasons.

Many of you have expressed your dissatisfaction with this Council regarding this specific issue. I was elected on 6/5/2021 to took oath on 6/15/2021 and it was my first meeting. I want to thank Mr. Campbell for his time here in Kennedale. He did some good things while he was with us, including but not limited to the water contract with The City of Arlington.

Many of you also expressed that his enormous salary would impact Kennedale to the tune of $300,000+. I am not happy with what he got as I feel it should have been lower. But here’s the breakdown. This original contract was put in place by the  April of 2017 Council. A month after that, a new Council was elected. It was a hard decision to let him go, but the future of Kennedale is in great hands. These totals would have been paid to him regardless if he finished his contract or was terminated.

Base salary $162,000 TRMS $22,842 ICMARC $19,440 FICA $12,393 Automobile Allowance $10,200 Cell Phone Allowance  $1,800 Life Insurance for 12 months $117 Annual Dues to ICMA, TCMA, NTCMA  $1,951 Travel (TCMA, ICMA, TML)(AVG.)  $6,000
Total $236,743

“Until next time, Keep looking up, Cause that’s where it all is.” – Kidd Kraddick

James Connor


City Councilmember Place 5

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